A reliable partner to count on, rather than a mere freight forwarder to our customers, we have built a reputation for our intimate and in depth knowledge of the logistics needs of the fashion industry. Serving many leading international and local clientele over the years, our product experts have a thorough comprehension of the specific dynamics of each segment of the industry. We especially understand the challenges our customers face in meeting client requirements and we ensure our utmost support at all levels to help meet such demands.

We have several key advantages over our competitors: we offer a full range of services including Order Management which provides vital visibility throughout the supply chain. Through Expeditors – our principals, we offer unparalleled destination services, ensuring timely delivery of consignments from door to door. We have the capability to handle GOH as well as flat pack cargo at our extensive facilities, and we offer a range of value added services such as QC, MRP stickering, Vacuum and other packaging options, bundling, kitting and many other services as per our customer requests.


Handling the full gamut of products from basic medical equipment to vaccines to heart valves, we have built a reputation for exceptional service and excellence. Today our client base includes some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies who import a diverse array of items to Sri Lanka from multiple origins. The industry specific end-to-end solutions we offer also include specialised temperature controlled facilities in Colombo. The scale volumes and the strong, positive relationships we have nurtured with the airlines over many years also help us to offer a far superior level of service compared to others operating in this market segment; giving us a distinct competitive advantage.

Our solutions include:

◉ GDP-compliant, temperature-controlled facilities and shipment programs
◉ Clinical trial and laboratory sample product storage and movements
◉ GDP-compliant, long-term product batch and sample storage
◉ Global healthcare agency compliance programs
◉ Time-sensitive product launches
◉ Hospital and home deliveries
◉ Recall program support


Through our extensive network of offices as well as substantial product and service capabilities, we offer a broad range of solutions for the manufacturing sector in the shipping of raw materials, finished goods, intermediary products as well as repairs and returns to and from anywhere in the world. Our core strengths include a thorough understanding of product specific critical factors in handling shipments and the capability to be highly competitive in our freight offering.

Supported by our principals we offer the following solutions:

◉ Production logistics: optimize inventory, process and transportation
◉ Lean design methodology to help customers remove waste
  from their networks
◉ Build-to-stock and build-to-order customers with services
  tailored to their exacting requirements
◉ Management of complete networks on behalf of customers to exploit
  synergies and deliver world-class performance


Handling both imports and exports we cater to myriad clients in the food industry. Ensuring competitive freight levels, we also offer origin side document processing, warehousing and cold chain facilities upon request. Utilising the extensive global network of our principals – Expeditors, we have the capability to provide similar services at any required destination in compliance with its respective industry and regulatory requirements.


With a large spectrum of retail customers around the globe we offer a
comprehensive range of services based on their specific requirements.

The services we offer include:

◉ Purchase order management
◉ Vendor management
◉ Door to door services
◉ Value added services (VAS) at both origin and destination
◉ Bonded services and duty management


We provide services to a global clientele including leading aircraft manufacturers, suppliers to the aerospace industry and satellite companies. Our team of specialist staff possess thorough industry knowledge and expertise to offer necessary advice and recommendations in multiple areas of interest. We are also supported by dedicated Aircraft on Ground (AOG) logistics teams and AOG support centres at strategic locations around the world.


Fully geared to serve the logistics requirements of the growing automotive and parts manufacturing and assembling industry in Sri Lanka, our global customer base also includes OEM’s (Original equipment manufacturers) and suppliers of various types of Tyres. Our advanced systems provide global access and visibility enabling our customers to take timely and informed decisions pertaining to their supply chain another key benefit we offer that sets us apart from our competitors.


The range of services we offer are backed by a team of technology logistics specialists from our global network of offices, who are armed with the expert knowledge required in the handling of sensitive high tech equipment and electronics. They are fully committed to ensure that KPI’s such as speed, on-time delivery and security are met consistently and throughout every stage of the process, ensuring exceptional standards of service to our vast, worldwide client base in this sector.