Vertical Industries

Oil & Gas

We help organisations in the Oil & Gas industry to manage their logistics strategies & operations across functional areas of the supply chain such as: Ordering / Transportation / Physical Distribution.

We deliver a range of services tailored to each Companies' business requirements, across geographical regions and trade lanes, which includes all modes of conveyance & services.


We develop & deliver customised integrated logistics services for the aerospace industry. We coordinate the supply chain.

Our services include supporting customers to efficiently source, make & deliver raw materials & spare parts on a global scale within the aerospace industry.


We offer customised transportation & logistics solutions to meet high requirements of both quality & flexibility to a manufacturer / supplier in the automotive industry.

In developing a customized, integrated transportation & logistics solutions with global expertise, our customers can rely on our unsurpassed worldwide networks for procurement, distribution & optimised solutions ensuring components reach their destination quickly & reliably, whilst reducing costs, streamlining processes & making a difference to the supply chain.

Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals

We provide logistics services for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices & other healthcare products such as medical equipment. This also includes the transportation of hospital & laboratory equipment including effective solutions for importing & distribution of spare-parts.

We also engage in Warehouse management & Distribution for the healthcare industry which includes effective inventory management & product handling.


Serving some of the world's largest, most respected retail brands, We help our customers to drive their logistics efficiencies to a competitive advantage across their supply chain.

We supply strategic, value driven logistics solutions to the retail sector using our different services such as warehouse management, pick & pack, labeling, bar coding, kitting, inventory management etc.

We act as our customers logistics partner in the retail segment so they can increase their supply chain performance & efficiency whilst concentrating on their core activities in the retail business.


We demonstrate the ability to provide a single source of logistics solutions, commencing from the point of manufacture throughout the delivery to end customer.

Our range of services enables this market segment to reduce inventory & distribution costs, speed up the introduction of new products, while as our customers logistics provider we can reduce the complexity of their supply chain & streamline the processes between the supply chain partners. Our team understands the requirements for each customer in different market segments such as Consumer Electronics / Computer & Office Equipment / Electronic Components & Telecommunication Network Products etc. Our service includes in & outbound logistics / Distribution including high value goods / Warehouse services & other value added services.