Customer Solutions

Air Cargo

Air Freight is costly & very time sensitive. With our global network of hubs & sub-hubs we work in partnership with the best and most reliable airlines to serve our customers well.

The main advantage of our Air Product would be that we are able to secure the capacity where & when our customers need it. Our range of products can be seamless when combined with other products, segregating through price / time or urgency & service options.

With our very own consolidation services we are able to offer our Customers various options such as door to door / airport to airport / door to airport / airport to door. Service options such as Priority / Standard / Economy & Express are available to meet every Customer's requirement.

We offer speed / reliability / capacity & flexibility to ensure a cutting edge to optimise the International Supply Chain for our Customers.

Ocean Cargo

Ocean Freight being the most economical way of transportation of goods in the globalised economy. We as one of the leading ocean freight service providers team up with the world's best alliances & reliable shipping partners to ensure our commitment to our customers are held.

We ensure that the necessary capacity & reliable connections are prioritised within our network by working through partnerships.

Being an NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier), our portfolio includes FCL (Full Container Load), LCL (Less than Container Load), combining other intermodal door-to door solutions.

This comprehensive Ocean Cargo service is backed by the expertise & dedication of our local team to complete your shipment processing until delivery to the customers' end user.

Customs Brokering

We provide innovative approaches to customs programs. We determine how value can be best added to our Customers' processes including compliance, release & analysis as a way of managing cost.

We are positioned to understand & address the diverse trade regulations & agreements locally & internationally.

We strive to be welcomed & respected by all Government Agencies through powerful partnerships which gives us the ability to easily manage & control the process where Customs Border procedures are made simplified & reliable.

Warehousing & Distribution

We provide a comprehensive spectrum of services locally & through our network, understanding that Warehousing & Distribution is a vital part of any of our Customers supply chain.

Our capabilities offer inventory management & order fulfillment that allows logistics solutions and complete supply chain management.

In addition to traditional Distribution Center Management, we provide a full range of programs to suit each of our Customer's specialised needs such as origin distribution, vendor management & inventory, order fulfillment programs & order level services such as pick & pack and kitting. Regardless of where the need arises for our customers warehousing & distribution, we manage this product with a professional team of local experts which enables us to handle & manage the most highly specialised and complex requirements.

Order Management

We offer to help our Customers move their orders through their supply chain with uncompromising attention to the details, whether you are an importer, exporter or even both. It is the management of the such details that allow continuous improvements in the supply chain.

A key feature of this product we offer if is a seamless door-to-door Global Logistics Solution. Order Management supports our customers global sourcing, transportation, customs & distribution needs by adding order and product level visibility to the process. Additionally we also provide services such as cargo & supplier management, exception reporting, flexible transportation options, PO management & document handling.

A web based system which focuses in providing our Customer to track the order status and the ability to monitor from the time an order is created and then report against order & product level details, enables our Customers to effectively manage, improve & reduce costs in their global supply chain and in turn provide exceptional customer service to their end Customers. This product also allows manufacturing companies & retailers to bundle small shipments from multiple vendors in a particular origin or region, reducing the cost of freight & delivery charges.

The benefits to our customer would be Increased supply chain transparency / Optimisation of capacity & transport mode / Reduced administration & operating costs/ Direct Store Delivery/Garments on Hangers/Reduced damage and loss.

At the end, our Order Management process ensures that the Customer has the right quantity of the right product, in the right place at the right time while incurring the least amount of overall cost to get this done.

Project Cargo

Complex requirements that encompass the transportation of heavy & over-dimensional equipment can be tremendous. Our team helps our customers to navigate through this process, while offering integrated logistics project management & transportation services to ensure our customers freight reaches the destination according to plan.

The benefits to our Customer would be Increased supply chain transparency / Optimisation of capacity & transport mode by creating & implementing effective solutions. We tailor a customised transportation plan. We have the ability to make early projections of our Customers' transportation costs and ensure proper routings and modes of transport are utilised.

Sea + Air / Air + Sea Cargo

If air freight is too expensive & ocean freight is too slow, consider the combination of both. This combination offers our Customers the economical solution of ocean, with the speed of the air to provide our Customers with a cost-effective solution.

Temperature Controlled Cargo

Certain types of cargo require transport in a temperature controlled environment, we provide specialised cargo services to cater to all your transport needs.

Our Temperature Controlled service is a premium cargo transport solution designed for the movement of temperature sensitive products. Using specialised temperature controlled containers or other means of protection. Our offers are seamless in terms of the transportation chain suitable for the carriage of any type of cargo.

Transporting temperature-sensitive cargo is simple with us.

Chemicals / Dangerous Goods Cargo

Are you looking for a Dangerous Goods Logistics Partner to ensure your cargo delivers only the best and safest solutions. At Expelogix are offer is seamless. We are reliable, efficient & professionally qualified with partners around the world to ensure the goods are properly packed, transported & stored no matter what the commodity is.

Being committed to Safety & Responsible Care, Conducting our organisation with Employee Health & Safety policies & programs, ensures it is our guiding principle to integrate same into all workflow processes.

The need for specialist handling of dangerous cargo has increased along with the increase in regulations and penalties associated with the movement of such cargo. Therefore our staff being detail oriented & knowledgeable allows our customers to have confidence in our solutions in meeting any mode of dangerous cargo transportation requirements. We are responsive to a wide range of our customer's logistics needs.